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Nessie Server upgrade notes

The following table lists the upgrade types from one Nessie version to another Nessie version.

A check-mark in the Rolling Upgrade column means that it is okay to run Nessie instances running versions in the From column during the limited time of a rolling-upgrade with Nessie versions in the To column.

A red cross in the Rolling Upgrade column means that rolling upgrades for the mentioned versions are not supported and must be avoided.

Rolling Upgrade Supported From Nessie version To Nessie version
✔ 0.40.0 or newer 0.60.1 or newer
❌ < 0.40.0 0.40.0 or newer
✔ 0.26.0 to 0.29.0 0.27.0 to 0.30.0
❌ 0.25.0 or older 0.26.0 or newer
✔ 0.18.0 to 0.24.0 0.19.0 to 0.25.0

Older releases than 0.18.0 are not supported.

See Releases for release notes.