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Nessie is focused on working with the widest range of tools possible. If a tool creates or reads data, Nessie seeks to work with it. Current Nessie integrations/tools include the following:

Feature Matrix

Spark 2 1 Spark 32 Nessie CLI Flink
Read Default Branch
Read Any Branch/Tag/Hash
Write Default Branch
Write Any Branch/Tag/Hash
Create Branch
Create Tag
Iceberg Tables
Delta Lake Tables


The Nessie Demos GitHub repository contains a set of demos that help users understand how Nessie works.

  1. Spark 2 currently only supports access via the Dataframe API due to weak generic catalog support. 

  2. Spark 3 supports both SQL and dataframe access. Consumption can be done via existing Iceberg and Delta Lake catalogs with Nessie extensions or through the Nessie Catalog, which currently exposes both of these formats.