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Nessie repository configurations

Nessie allows to retrieve and persist configuration objects via its API. Read and/or write access to all or some types of repository configuration types can be restricted.

The Nessie server side must know the schema of each repository configuration type via an interface that extends org.projectnessie.model.RepositoryConfig and its type must be registered. This ensures that all repository configuration objects comply with the implicitly defined schema.

Creating and/or updating repository configurations is supposed to be a rare operation.

Note: Nessie repository configurations are not supported with the old, legacy Nessie data model.

Nessie clients and servers need to know about the used repository config types via instances of org.projectnessie.model.types.RepositoryConfigTypeBundle. Instances of this interface are loaded via the standard Java services mechanism.

Known and assigned repository config types

Repository Config Type Model class Description Implementor
GARBAGE_COLLECTOR org.projectnessie.model.GarbageCollectorConfig Configuration for Nessie GC. Project Nessie

Since the ID values for repository config types must be globally unique, please register your Repository config type via an issue.

In case the (Java) client reads a repository configuration object for which it does not have the corresponding RepositoryConfigTypeBundle, it will provide an instance of GenericRepositoryConfig, which provides a Map representing the JSON attributes (Nessie uses Jackson for JSON (de)serialization). This means, that clients are always able to deserialize all repository configuration types, even if the matching RepositoryConfigTypeBundle is not available to the Nessie Java client. In case you are using types of repository configs that might not be available to the Nessie Java client, for example if the Nessie classes are relocated, as in Apache Iceberg, be prepared to get an instance of GenericRepositoryConfig instead of the “right” Java type.

Implementing your own content types


Repository config type bundle

RepositoryConfigTypeBundles make repository config types available to Nessie clients and servers.

Needs a resource file META-INF/services/org.projectnessie.model.types.RepositoryConfigTypeBundle, which contains the class name(s) that implement the org.projectnessie.model.types.RepositoryConfigTypeBundle interface.

The RepositoryConfigTypeBundle.register(RepositoryConfigTypeRegistry repositoryConfigTypeRegistry) implementation must call the given Registrar with name of each repository config type and the model interface type that extends org.projectnessie.model.RepositoryConfig.