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Nessie cache improvements

Caches are there to improve performance by holding the results of expensive operations and make those quickly available. In this post we explain a recent improvement coming in the next Nessie release 0.83.0.

Support for MariaDB and MySQL

We are happy to announce that Nessie now supports MariaDB and MySQL as backends. This is a significant milestone for Nessie, as it opens up new possibilities for Nessie users.

A big thank you to Vayuj Rajan for his contribution to this feature! site reorg

The web site became a bit hard to navigate and was missing a functionality to show the documentation/reference for particular Nessie releases. The reorg also reduced the amount of “tabs” from 9 to 5 and reorganized the content quite a bit, solving the issue that information is where site visitors would expect it to be.